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Grilled bacon with manhego cheese and tomato

Tuna with anchovy and scrubbed tomato

Grilled marinated loin with cheese and tomato

White sausage with tomato and pepper

White sausage with tomato and honey mustard

Mini beef nugget with butter

Mini pepito with reduction of P. Ximenez

Grilled chicken with tomato and pepper

Grilled chicken with caramelized onion

Ham with tomato and paprika

Marinera (salad, anchovy and olive)

Crispy bacon with camembert and caram onion.

Crispy ham with camembert cheese

Cellar ham with tomato or cheese and tomato

Chistorra with tomato and pepper

Chistorra with quail egg and tomato

Grilled fresh loin with tomato and pepper

Fresh grilled loin with roquefort and tomato

Grilled fresh tenderloin with caram onion. or with Ali Oli

Fresh grilled loin with Pedro Ximenez reduction

Mini burger with caramelized onion

Mini hamburger with tomato and lettuce

Onion black pudding with pepper and tomato

York bread, bacon or tuna pizza

Chicken with tomato and honey mustard sauce, or salsa brava

Goat cheese with caramelized onion

Fresh cheese with Cantabrian anchovy and tomato

Hot Sobrasada with Cheese

Sobrasada with quail egg and tomato

Omelette with tom. and pepper or with onion caram.

Three cheeses with fig jam

Goose foie with caramelized onion

Salted tomato opera

Vegetable (tuna, tomato, lettuce, egg and mayonnaise)

Vegan (lettuce, tomato, corn, beet, carrot and cucumber)

Price per unit without drink

€ 1.60

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